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Friday, February 17, 2006

What the future may hold...

Nano-machines. Anyone whom has read "Prey" by Michael Chrichton knows what nano-machines are, but do people really understand what they can do for all of mankind if that science is nurtured properly? There are two different schools of nano-machines. The first is biological, which is when you take a few different small organisms like viruses or bacterium and change them to do a specific task. The other is mechanical nanomachines, where they are made from man-made materials and have small computer chips that are programmed for specific tasks. Just think about taking medicine and it goes right to the part of your body that needs it! Or just shooting up some "machines" and they start patroling your body in search of cancer cells, ready to destroy! Some companies are focusing on using nano machines to integrate with our bodies to help us do things like lift very heavy objects or see at night and all kind of crap, so if you are lost in what field you want to go into, this will be the wave of the future!check it out!


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